Pompey crank

Rightly punished

A ten point administration penalty is imposed upon clubs to ensure that any suffering as a result of decadent financial mismanagement by the board, is felt exclusively by ordinary fans after the real perpertrators of such wanky banking disappear on a yacht. With alarming regularity, clubs who fail to 'live within their means', have boardrooms consisting of scoundrels - often cutthroat businessman that have no history of giving a toss about any club let alone the one who they are in charge of. The fact that these 'men' often move onto pastures new without suffering any personal legal or financial punishment leaving a club to be relegated and it's fans crying with their faces in a pool of beer is perfectly justifiable, as it is of course the ordinary working class fans of a club, especially the ones who paint their faces and wear silly wigs, who are to blame for failing to find the time in their easy lives to infiltrate the highest echelons of their club and prevent financial misdealings. Leeds United's fans of course deserved to suffer after Peter Ridsdale's deluded 'buy everything win everything' business plan sent them tumbling into financial freefall. Even after such men have departed to attempt the whole thing again at Cardiff City, it is of paramount importance that they escape punishment - it instead being dished out evenly across the hopes and dreams of children in full strips in council estates - as this helps keep our beautiful game exciting. In a unique and particularly exciting and fair application of this rule, the penalty was increased to thirty points to ensure Luton Town's freefall from the football league was an absolute certainty, many months after the perpertrators of their financial funk had done one. Football fans across the land are thrilled that the number of points gained on a football pitch over the course of the season do not any longer necessarily determine their final league position. Some utterly shite teams can now receive a 'get out of jail free card' - being saved from deserved relegation thanks to the boardroom of the team just above them being dicks and incurring a ten point penalty.

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