This was easily the worst final of all time. Iceland won the game with a 876th minute goal by emile heskey, wrapping up their fourth consecutive 1-0 win. They beat a shit welsh side who spent 119 minutes passing the ball around their goalbox, stopping only to commit wreckless assaults on the icelanders. Every player was booked five times by confused looking English referee Howard Webb and immdiately following the match FIFA decided to abolish the world cup as a concept, claiming 'there's no chance of a good final or tournament again.' Halfway through the lifting the trophy carlos tevez got bored so left to play a round of search and destroy on cod12 with his best mate phillipe senderos following his retirement of international football. Making sure not to miss any of the action, joey barton turned up and began to viciously assualt anyone who looked at him funny. It took 4 hours of police sniper fire to finally take the enraged barton down. Gazza turned up before bartons death to offer him a few cans and a chance to go fishing for david seamens and martin keown!!

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