Ashley Cole currently plays for both Chelsea and England. He has also starred in off the field tabloid antics and traditional sex scandals. Despite all his antics, he is widely recognised as the best left back in the world.

Ashley Cole is just an all round shit. This was first evidenced in his switch from Arsenal to Chelsea, a feat that could have only been equalled if Wayne Rooney had gone from Everton to Liverpool. He has recently also come under fire for sex scandals, forcing a split from his wife, Geordie "talent" Cheryl Cole.

Terrible AutobiographerEdit

Ashley Cole unleashed his autobiography on the world after the 2006 World Cup. In an onslaught of autobiographies by footballers in the post World Cup period, Cole's was perhaps the worst of a terrible bunch. With a title like My Defence: Winning, Losing, Scandals and the drama of Germany 2006. Focusing on the seedier side of Cole's life, which at this point was all of it, the autobiography is frequenty seen on the list of all time terrible books. Extracts are forbidden from being reprinted for fear of causing mass comas.

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