Borislav MikhailovEdit

Borislav Bisserov Michailov (or Mikhailov) (born 12 February 1963, in Sofia) was a Bulgarian international goalkeeper. He was an unlikely World Cup semi-finalist but is best remembered for wearing a shoddy wig.

Mikhailov is regarded as one of Bulgarian football’s greats. He made a remarkable 102 appearances for his nation – a record total – and played a crucial part in a heroic run to fourth place at the 1994 World Cup.

However, shortly after his USA exploits, Mikhailov signed for Reading, where he looked like a fish up a tree. The grumpy Eastern European also became a laughing stock for wearing the kind of wig you get in a joke shop and always choosing tight-fitting tracksuit bottoms instead of shorts.

Mikhailov moaned incomprehensibly about the physical style of play in England and the fact that all his teammates had so much hair. Eventually he got injured and slunk off home to Bulgaria.

Like father, like sonEdit

Borislav’s son Nikolay plays for Liverpool. His hair is thinning.

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