Grandstand was a hugely popular and long-running Saturday show on BBC1, presented by Des Lynam, and featuring an afternoon of sport.

The programme would culminate in the legendary vidiprinter, which typed out results one letter at a time, completing about three in an hour. This led to a remarkably tense wait for scorelines to come through, especially if the previous game featured a team with a long name like Queen Of The South.

For no reason, if teams scored more than six, the vidiprinter would give it in letters as well as numbers, e.g. LIVERPOOL 9 (NINE) CRYSTAL PALACE NIL.

The show finished in January 2007 after declining sharply in popularity.

Reasons For DeclineEdit

While Grandstand’s fall from grace is a mystery, various causes have been suggested:

- The BBC losing the rights to screen any sporting event.

- Des Lynam losing his status as a national treasure after having an affair, moving to ITV where he was stuck doing things like highlights of Galatasaray v Leeds, and becoming a strange sort of bloke who did Countdown for a bit and then disappeared.

- Because of the advent of Sky’s Soccer Saturday, the general public realising it was possible to follow scores for the entire afternoon rather than just holding one’s breath from 3pm until 4.45pm.

- Ray Stubbs.