Ross Kemp and the lads prepare for action.

Green Street Hooilgans 3: Behind Enemy Lines (101 min, 2012)

Directed by Nibbs Carter

Starring Michael Bisping, Ross Kemp, Paul Gascoigne, Neil Ruddock and Lewis Collins

Bruce Charvis (Bisping) has assumed the mantle of head honcho of the feared Green Street Hooligans outfit. After coming up through the ranks as a teenager, Charvis’ martial arts skill and utter fearlessness has pushed him to the front of the crew, ably supported by Teddy (Kemp), Clive (Gascoigne) and Mickey (Ruddock). After years of reigning as London’s top firm however the lads go too far when during a home fixture to Chelsea they cause a busload of Japanese tourists to crash, after confusing it for a similar bus of rival Chelsea fans. After several of the tourists die, the lads are caught fleeing the scene by local undercover policeman and arrested. It looks bleak for the boys, especially after their own firm abandons them once in the nick. But there is a ray of light for the boys, but one that might cost them their life.

Army Colonel Bert Bledsoe (Collins) is on the verge of retirement, having served 35 years and fought in Northern Island, the Falkland Islands, Iraq and Afghanistan. However Bledsoe has been tasked with one last mission, infiltrating a deadly faction of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The mission is so deadly the British government denies its existence. Bledsoe is reticent to send even elite British troopers, looking instead for expendable, efficient forces. While combing through files of recently arrested thugs, Bledsoe comes across the file of Charvis. Bledsoe is impressed with his fighting leadership style, martial arts skills and commitment to the lads. To his amazement Bledsoe discovers Teddy is in his group- back in the early 90’s Teddy served under Bledsoe in the SAS, only for Teddy to quit when he assaulted a superior officer for putting him and other Soldiers in harm’s way during a siege in Belfast.

Bledsoe heads to the local jail where the boys are being held. While in the yard the boys are threatened by Arsenal fans. Greatly outnumbered the lads easily decimate the Arsenal thugs, all the while being watched by Bledsoe in a tower. The lads are bought out to see Bledsoe. He offers them a deal, take the mission and succeed and they will be freed. If they fail and die then there will never be any record that they or the mission existed. The lads are cagey, but with the prospect of freedom they all agree to the mission. For Teddy it’s a chance at redemption. For Clive and Mickey it’s a chance to serve their country and die trying.

For Bruce it’s a chance for a new life-with only one result possible: victory.

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