Injury Time is the time added onto the allocated 45 minutes at the end of the first and second half.

Normally, there are apparently no injuries or stoppages in the first half of a game and so it is just rounded up to 1 minute to make it look good. Jeff Winter was the most notable injury time adder, having added a record 12 minutes injury time during the first half of a game between Preston and Doncaster, despite the ball not going out of play for the entire first half. There are never any notable incidents in first half injury time.

In the second half of a game the injury time added is always 4 minutes. This has been proven by Sky Sports pundit Andy Gray stating "i think it might be four minutes", as the game appraoches the 90 minute mark. The only exception to the number of minutes added on in 2nd half injury time is dependant on Man United's score due to Alex Fergusons aquisition of a magical watch found in Govan in 1992. If United are winning, Fergie will tap his watch and the injury time will only be 1 minute, as the referee fears being struck by a bottle of Scotch Malt Whiskey after the game from a furious Fergie. If United are behind, injury time normally ranges from 25-45 minutes. The most notable incident came when United centre half Steve Bruce scored the winner against Sheffield Wednesday. This was in the 37th minute of injury time. United score nearly every other game in injury time. It was calculated that if the league table was decided not including injury time, United would be 15th in the Conference North, having played 7 more games than any other team.

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