Kenny Dalglish, former Liverpool player and two time manager.

Kenny, appointed for the second time in his career as manager of Liverpool, was tasked with leading the come back. This task was removed after the first game, having lost to rivals Manchester United, who scored the winning goal in thirty seconds.

After his instant failure at Anfield, Kenny was hoisted from the club. This move, contrary to the desire of the supporters, saw both sets of people see red. Kenny, with nothing left to lose, ran riot through the streets of Northern England, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. It is said that during his reign of terror, Dalglish also took living gremlin, Sammy The Raper Lee on his exploits. Sammy Lee was known for his terrible sexual exploits, nationwide, as he attempted time and time again to complete his ritual of reproduction, which was outlawed and made illegal once he reached an age of sexual ability. Sammy Lee has no airs known at this current point, he is thought to believe his son is actually himself, and the father Dalglish, no-one has disputed this yet. The Dalglish was arrested in 2013, following crimes against humanity. He is currently serving his time in Liverpool, which as always, is the largest city-wide prison in Europe.

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