Mexico National Football TeamEdit

Mexico’s national team has a proud tradition of being eliminated in the second round of the World Cup.

El Tri will always qualify for the World Cup finals because of the notoriously forgiving qualification system in CONCACAF.

Mexico book a place in the World Cup if they either:

- Beat the USA.

- Beat Costa Rica.

- Beat El Salvador.

- Design a garish kit with a nod to their Aztec heritage

However, once at the finals the Mexicans have the disadvantage of being completely unused to playing genuine footballing nations instead of the likes of Canada and Cuba.

Therefore, after getting through the group stage with a win and a draw, Mexico will always fall in the last 16.

1990 World CupEdit

In 1990, Mexico were banned from entering the World Cup as a disproportionate punishment for fielding an overage player in an Olympic game. Nobody really noticed.


'This should get me off the hook', Eriksson told journalists

Eriksson eraEdit

Swedish sex pest Sven-Goran Eriksson was in charge of Mexico until recently.

Somehow Eriksson managed to mastermind a draw with Canada and defeats against Jamaica and Honduras (twice) when it would have been easier to pick up 12 points.

Nonetheless, World Cup 2010 qualification still seems inevitable as Eriksson is putting the finishing touches to the team’s new garish kit. It will honour Mexico's Aztec heritage.

Notable playersEdit

Jorge Campos (1991-2004)

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