Given the murky origins of the game, it is now widely believed that Football was invented sometime in the early 1990's (sources vary) by Rupert Murdoch's Sky Television. Though versions of the game admittedly existed prior to the introduction of Sky Sports, the honesty, integrity and grit with which this was played means it is unrecognisable when compared with the money-obsessed, back stabbing, 24 hour rolling new drama fest that we have grown to know and love today. As well as paying obscene sums of money in order to show footage of 22 men kicking a ball around a field, Sky Sports is also a well known charity, giving gainful employment to the likes of Matthew Le Tissier and Jamie Redknapp , as well as fuelling George Best's last lager days by using the bumbling inadequacies that a lifetime of addiction brings as a running joke each week on Gilette Soccer Saturday starring Jeff Stelling.

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