Steve Claridge

Early Life: Claridge was born after a skunk and a fox once had sex in a field on the outskirts of stinkland. It is said that when Claridge was born the hospital had to be evacuated for Health And Safety reasons after he breached General Hygiene rules. This meant Stink Chiefs acted swiftly by placing Claridge into a "stink containment" area set up by Mark Bright. Claridge was let out aged 18 on the condition he would not let off gassly fumes that could harm other human beings.

Football Career: After Claridge was released from the Stink Containment Area he took up football, he was horrendusly shite at it but somehow went on to play for 22 Clubs. Claridge scored nearly 200 goals in his glamorous career, you may think that is a good record but he only scored this number of goals due to the opposition being absoloutley petrified of his stink, this resulted in keepers running away when Claridge was through on goal. It is not known why Claridge had so many clubs but one "friend" has told me that he was sold by each club because of the effect he had in the dressing room , i.e being a stinky cunt and making everyone else smell. Claridge denies these allegations.

Trouble with the Law: Steve "skunk" Claridge has had many brushes with the law since his existance, you already know about him being put in a containment area so heres a few more incidents.... In july 1998 Claridge was arrested for causing a stink in Liquid nightclub in Coventry. in March 2010 Claridge was arrested for walking into a Barbers Shop.

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