The Eduardo Penis Break, sometimes known as the Eduardo Challenge, was an incident that occured between Arsenal and Birmingham. In the match, the awful defender Martin Taylor put in a ludicrous tackle on Eduardo which broke his penis

With the highly contagious symptoms of Eduardo Syndrome, "Eduardo Penis Break" is already the medical term for a break or fracture of the penis 17 different countries across the globe. As it is so hard to tell the difference between an Eduardo Syndrome Sufferer and a Pretencious Twat, it makes the disease almost undiagnosable. It is rumoured that the new Conservative Government are trying to push penislation through that Wayne Rooney must break his penis as he is one of the rare counters to the Eduardo Syndrome. As he is the only thing commentators will ejaculate over more then similar to Eduardo Penis Break challenges. However should this penislation pass, it will only lead to a new coinage "The Rooney Penis Break" or "The Wayne Snap".

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