Vuvuzela (Que bosta!)Edit

A Vuvuzela is an ear-piercing horn popular with South African fans. It ruined the 2009 Confederations Cup and the 2010 World Cup.

The Confederations Cup is a grim affair at best but the 2009 edition was rendered still more unpalatable by a dismal soundtrack provided by South African fans with Vuvuzela horns.

Effect of Vuvuzela on fansEdit

The sound of a few thousand of these evil inventions has been compared to the noise of a swarm of mosquitos and the effect it has on the viewer is about the same. A number of fans who watched every game of the Confederations Cup were irreversibly damaged by the persistent drone and found themselves imitating the whine of a Vuvuzela long after they turned the TV off.

Effect of Vuvuzela on 2009 Confederations CupEdit

- The referee's whistle was often inaudible meaning there were no stoppages during most games regardless of events on the pitch.

- Most players wore I-Pods during matches to drown out the sound. Kaka could be seen singing along to The Divinyls' 1991 classic 'I Touch Myself' while waiting for a corner to be delivered against Italy.

- Egypt opted to lose 3-0 to the USA rather than proceed to the semi-finals of the competition.

- When goals were scored there was no visible sound of cheering or actual human reaction, just the Vuvuzela. This lack of basic interaction at football games means the tournament should be taken from South Africa and handed to a sensible country like Mexico.

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